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Cappasity is a born-global pioneer in a 3D digitizing software which has succeed in capturing online retail. Cappasity worked with us to launch the decentralized ecosystem for AR/VR and 3D content on blockchain infrastructure. Our team collaborated closely with the founders crafting the ecosystem’s value proposition, the role of blockchain and token use-cases. The resulted WP was completed in 6 weeks since the first brainstorm session with the founders.

Project status: token sale ended.

Total raised: $5.2M

White paper, One-pager, Token sale contract


CLOVR (CLV) is an open source cryptocurrency and rewards protocol uniquely designed to achieve mainstream player adoption in licensed online casinos, sportsbooks, poker and eSports betting sites. We handled preparation of the major documentation deliverables.

We also took care of programming the vital part of the MVP — a fully trustless on-chain lottery for up to one million participants.

Project status: private sale ongoing

White paper, Technical paper, Light paper, Minimum viable product (coming soon)


Our technical team coded the core logic of Ethereum smart-contracts for a decentralized REPO market. The projects provide an opportunity for B2B and B2C lending Ether and ERC20 tokens trustlessly on-chain with exchange rates supplied by Oraclize.


Our technical team created an MVP for TrueFlip — an online gambling platform with blockchain capacity, based on a modified ICO client platform with average transaction processing time of 0.1 milliseconds and high throughput publisher/subscriber messaging queue.

Project status: token sale ended.


We picked MetaHash project for conducting a high-level review of the blockchain protocol (TraceChain), its architecture, and its implementation as of August 15th.

The promotional materials suggested a very high transaction throughput with low transaction processing and state synchronization times, responding to the perceived industry demand for a fast scalable protocol.

Technical review

ASKfm 2.0

Askfm came to us with its first version of the white paper. We audited and reworked the white paper into ASKfm 2.0 — a decentralized content economy that rewards authors for quality content in an open and transparent way. We also consulted ASKfm in token economy and DLT architecture, and wrote the token sale smart contract.

ASKfm is holding its token sale via the ModernToken’s investor dashboard.

Project status: token sale ongoing.

White paper


ArtWallet is a blockchain-based ecosystem which aims to create a trustless, liquid and high-participation art market. Artwallet is based on the DNA-chain — a custom scalable blockchain which acts as a decentralized storage for provenance, authenticity and full history of each work of art. ModernToken consulted the ArtWallet team on the white paper structuring and writing as well as on developing the token sale model and choosing the appropriate blockchain solution.

Project status: token sale ongoing.

White Paper


Deus ETH is a blockchain based virtual game developed by Tokenville project. Deus ETH is a visual novel, lottery and reality survival show based on smart contracts. Our team coded smart contracts for ERC721 tokens in the DeusETH project.

Smart contract


MyDFS is a blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports platform from the creators of uTrener and KHL Fantasy apps. In January 2017, MyDFS Ltd engaged ModernToken to audit the MyDFS crowdsale code and to evaluate the security of the token sale smart contracts. A number of issues have been delineated in the review, and the preliminary report was provided to MyDFS Ltd on January 12th. A follow-up review was completed on January 21st, after several changes and fixes were introduced in response to the preliminary report.

Audit report

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