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Pushed forward by geeks and tech adepts at a fast pace, blockchain has been attracting businesses from other, even non-tech fields. Our technical team delves deeply into business specifics to marry the latest technologies with your business model. We brainstorm the most natural token fit and propose blockchain solutions adding value to your business.

  • Blockchain architecture
  • Tokenomics
  • Token sale model


Our team takes over the most time-consuming part of the token offering marathon - white paper writing. Quality and transparency are our priorities. We dedicate a team of blockchain & business experts to your project to deliver well-balanced materials. Our works satisfy the most picky auditors and investors.


Ready-to-go-live blockchain projects get stronger with our feedback. Our team goes deep into project materials and suggests ways to perfect them. Cryptofunds sourcing an unbiased opinion can rely on our audits and reviews. Our analysts scrupulously detangle technical intricacies to evaluate the feasibility of a blockchain project.

Technical solutions:

Our blockchain scientists keep an eye out for advances in modern cryptography and protocols. Our Solidity-savvy programmers handle smart contracts of any complexity and are at ease with sharding, Plasma, Lightning Network, Raiden Network, and DAG-based approaches. We offer solutions ranging from smart contracts on token issuance to complex product prototyping.

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