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Pushed forward by geeks and tech adepts at a fast pace, blockchain has been attracting businesses from many different fields, not exclusively technical. Our team works with companies to design new technologies and protocols and fine-tune the existing ones to decentralize their business models. For each specific case we devise the token model and DLT architecture best suited for the task.

There is never a perfect architecture capable of solving all of its intrinsic problems. We know how to select (or design from the ground-up) a DLT architecture that will be a perfect match for your business. Here is what we can help you with:

  • achieving decentralization
  • choosing and implementing required scalability
  • creating attack mitigation mechanisms
  • enhancing business models with advanced cryptographic tools (e.g. zk-SNARKs)

Decentralized platforms are fueled by internal economies which are (at least partially) closed systems adhering to certain economic laws and principles. A well-designed ecosystem can be the sole difference between rapid growth and complete collapse. We will analyze your internal economy and help you ensure that it is stable, efficient and attack-proof by:

  • Outlining the token’s intrinsic value and use-cases
  • Network value modeling and forecasting
  • Modeling and validation of token economy in its entirety
  • Aligning agents’ economic incentives

Different token sale models have fundamental properties that can make or break your token sale. We will assist in designing your token sale by developing

  • Token sale structure (simple capped sale, reverse dutch auction, multi-round sales, interactive coin offerings)
  • Vesting and lock-up policy
  • Bonuses, bounties, and airdrop campaigns
  • Token distribution according to best practices
  • Mechanisms that ensure the token value at crowdsale is aligned with the equilibrium price


Our team takes over the most time-consuming part of the token offering marathon — white paper writing. Quality and transparency are our priorities. We dedicate a team of blockchain & business experts to your project to deliver well-balanced materials. Our works satisfy the most picky auditors and investors.

The document can be drafted in pure academic or business style. An exemplary white paper should refer to reputable secondary sources and give a detailed 360° project view:

  • Market landscape analysis
  • Challenges to be overcome
  • Value proposition of the solution
  • Blockchain architecture
  • Token economy model
  • Use-cases
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Milestone roadmap
  • Project team & background
  • Token sale details

A comprehensive overview of your project’s blockchain architecture and protocol design from theoretical and practical standpoints. The document will serve as a technical specification for further MVP development and prove your technical expertise to the blockchain community.

A concise summary answering the Why’s, What’s, and How’s of your project in a manner appealing to investors.

A shorter version of your white paper that presents the main narrative in a coherent and easy-to-read way.

A pitch deck with the key token sale highlights that entices the investors to fund the project.


Ready-to-go-live blockchain projects get stronger with our feedback. Our team delves deep into the project’s materials and offers solutions to problems as well as ways to perfect what is already good. Cryptofunds sourcing an unbiased opinion can rely on our audits and reviews. Our analysts scrupulously untangle technical intricacies and evaluate the feasibility of your constructions.

We perform the evaluation based on 10 multifaceted criteria and deduct an overall paper score. We also provide recommendations on how to fix the weak points and improve the flow and coherence of the narrative.

A feasibility study which includes yellow paper audit, github/gitlab examination, and an interview with your blockchain development team. As a result, we highlight shortcomings, suggest improvements and identify underdeveloped topics that call for additional R&D. Some of the aspects that we review are:

  • consensus stability
  • potential attack vectors (Sybil, DoS, artificial delay, history substitution)
  • inter-layer / inter-node interactions
  • Byzantine behavior modeling

A shorter version of the technical audit where we put the project’s technical claims against the team’s ability to deliver on them given the industry’s state-of-the-art.

A report detailing minor and major faults in the design and implementation of your smart contract that may lead to security vulnerabilities. The paper also addresses discrepancies between the contract implementation and publicly announced functionality, which may affect credibility of the project.

Technical solutions:

Our researchers and programmers are always up-to-date on the state-of-the-art and are closely familiar with complex technologies such as Plasma, state channels, sharding, Algorand (and other novel consensus algorithms), zk-SNARKs, and further DLT innovations that will give your solution a competitive edge. We offer design and implementation services ranging from token issuance smart-contracts to complex product prototyping.

After we help you solidify your token distribution preferences in a tech spec, our Solidity developers will implement any token distribution logic in a smart contract, no matter how complex it is.

  • ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-721, ERC-777, ERC-865 and any other custom token type
  • Multi-signature wallets
  • Vesting contracts
  • Tokensale contracts with novel models (such as DAICO, reverse dutch auction and interactive coin offerings)
  • DAO design and implementation for the platform tokens

Once the proof-of-concept specifications are complete, our developers can implement them using the appropriate tools: smart-contract languages (Solidity or any other platform-specific language), python & haskell for backend and blockchain prototyping. We develop MVPs of protocols and Dapps with various mechanics, including:

  • Plasma and state-channel solutions
  • Algorithmic token price stabilization
  • Scalable consensus algorithms
  • Smart-contract based platforms
  • Tokenization of assets and business processes

A personal investor account that tracks the status of investor’s contributions and tokens. The dashboard accepts payments in BTC, ETH, LTC, and fiat currencies and issues tokens in return.

  • white-label
  • token issuance by an integrated ERC-20 smart contract
  • built-in KYC (empowered by SumSub)
  • fiat processing (empowered by Zotapay)

We check your website for vulnerabilities and deploy all necessary countermeasures against malware and attacks. To protect you against various types of phishing attacks in public channels, we use advanced chatbots for continuous automated moderation.

  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Website security audit
  • public channel protection
  • security consulting

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